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Exclusive Interview with DaPrince Oluwatosin for 247 Gospel Vibes.

deyshawlah | December 22, 2019

Deyshawlah speaks about her career and mission in an exclusive interview with DaPrince Oluwatosin for 247 Gospel Vibes.

Focus on the One who called you, He will announce you in his time – Deyshawlah | @Deyshawlah @princetosin_

Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye, professionally known as Deyshawlah is a Nigerian Gospel Artiste who has enjoyed steady growth since she got into the Gospel Music Industry. In this interview with DaPrince Oluwatosin exclusively for 247 Gospel Vibes, She speaks about her career and mission.

  1. Can we meet you?

My full name is Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye, professionally known as Deyshawlah. I am from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

  1. When did you start your singing career?

It started as far back as I can remember… I have always been a lover of music. As a child, I would run from children’s class in church to go and sing with the adult choir… (Laughs) However, I joined the choir officially in 2009 and I released my first single in March 2019.

  1. Tell us about the moment when you decided that gospel music was something that you wanted to do with your life.

I have always been in the atmosphere of music but I never felt quite ready to put my songs together and share it with the world. God, literally, had to do take drastic measures (laughs) to get me to budge. In, 2018, I yielded and I am so thankful that I obeyed. I see the confirmation that this is His will everywhere. There is no turning back now.

247 gospel vibes exclusive interview with deyshawlah

  1. How do you manage being a music minister, wife, and mother?

I am not a wife and mother yet, however, music ministry is very demanding and balancing it with other life activities can get overwhelming, even as a single lady.

For me, time management is key! I usually try my best to set my priorities and ensure that the other does not eat into the time allocated for one. Ultimately, I always ask God to help me balance all He has committed in my hands to do, as I cannot do it alone and His grace is sufficient.

  1. Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you are most proud of?

‘Proud’ would not be the right word, but YES!

Music is life to me and the essence of pouring my heart into my music and sharing them is to bless souls. The testimonies and feedbacks are amazing and humbling to the glory of God. Reading from people who have been touched in one way or the other are the highlights of my musical career.

6. Which gospel minister do you look forward to working with?

Quite a number of them. I look forward to working with Samsong, Mercy Chinwo, Isabella Melodies (UK), Pastor Nathaniel Bassey – just to mention a few. Their ministries have been a blessing to me.

  1. The gospel music ministry keep growing and expanding. How did you set yourself apart and remain relevant?

To set oneself apart in a populated field, you must discover what you do differently and continuously develop it. When we try to be like others, we become an imitation of another original and imitations never stand out.

God told me and I always remind myself that HE anointed and graced me uniquely, no one sounds like me and I must embrace and maximize the sound HE has given me. That’s it.

247 gospel vibes exclusive interview with deyshawlah

  1. What do you think is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

I do not have a favorite or best song because, every song I have received and written has a story behind them. Moreover, these songs minister to me in different seasons. There are times I just play ‘GOD ALONE’ repeatedly for days and at other times, it could be another song that God uses to speak to me.

  1. What is the inspiration behind your song: Gratitude?

The inspiration for Gratitude came at a time that I desperately believed God for a testimony over something that I been expecting for a long time. So there I was one day, lying on the bed just thinking about everything and nothing at the same time and my phone rang. That call was the answer I needed. So I jumped up worshiping and singing “Thank you for keeping your word… Thank you for doing what you said you would do… You never ever fail… Imela o…etc” I sang ‘Gratitude’ for hours in that room before I even thought to write down the lyrics.

GRATITUDE by Deyshawlah [+ Lyrics Video] @deyshawlah

  1. Any project in the pipeline you will love to let us know about?

Yes, my debut album is currently in the works. We are working hard to have it ready for release in the first half of 2020.

  1. Any last word for aspiring gospel minister especially youths?

There is a waiting season (wilderness experience) for every man. This season is usually unnoticed by many. If you are in such a season now, please be assured that you are not alone and the time of your manifestation is nearer than you think.

Above all, focus on the One who called you. In His time, He will announce you.

Written by deyshawlah


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