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deyshawlah | January 22, 2020

Has there ever been a time you wanted something terribly? That all you asked God for in prayers was to grant that one desire and it didn’t happen?

If yes, that makes two of us…

And to be honest, when it happened to me I didn’t understand why. I was confused at why I would ask my Heavenly Father for something seemingly good for me and not get it. (This was 6 years ago! Yes, it took 6 years to understand why He said NO)

Some minutes ago, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance that request and also showed me a glimpse of how I’d have been if God had answered that prayer and I was like “Thank you God for not granting it to me. Thank you for saying NO!!!”

I see where God has put me now and it far surpasses my personal plans/ what I was desperately asking Him for. This happens to a lot of us!

Moral of my story:
1. When God says NO, do not be discouraged!!!!

2. There is always a reason behind His NO.

3. Not everything you want suits God’s plan for you.

4. Some of the things you want may take you out of His plans entirely, while some may fall short of what He has in mind for you!!!

5. God is a loving Father, He has your best interests at heart. So keep calm while you’re waiting.

I pray God continues to grant us, myself included, the grace to wait on Him without objection in Jesus name. Amen.

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